Frequently Asked Questions

What type of models are you looking for?
We specialize in the young boy-next-door type of model, guys between the ages of 18 and 23. They have great faces and nicely toned bodies but are NOT overdeveloped bodybuilders with shaved bodies. Since we do physique photography, we do NOT want bodies covered in tatoos. We DO look for guys with outgoing, engaging personalities which is very important when doing a video segment.
Why do you always ask about body hair?
Well, the reason is we do not shoot models who are shaved all over. If you are naturally smooth, that is fine. But we will not shoot models who shave, or even heavily trim, their pubic areas. Models with hair under their arms and on their legs are desired. And, there is nothing sexier than a young man with a happy trail leading down from his naval.
Do you have to have any modeling experience?
No, first timers are very welcome and are encouraged to apply.
What are the shoots like?
A Video Profile combines video segments of behind-the-scenes footage with still photos and interviews with the model. Models are shot dressed-up, in casual clothes, playing various sports, in designer underwear and artistically nude. Full nudity is required for paid applicants, but these are not pornographic sessions.
Where do the shoots take place?
Most if not all is done outdoors in a very artistic setting where natural light can come into play. Shooting at a local park, in the pool, on a desert mountaintop or at the river occur frequently. An indoor shower may be used when weather conditions do not allow shooting in the outdoors.
Can you help with setting up my own modeling website?
Yes. Video Profiles will design a site for you, free of charge. Most recently created site: the fantastic young model Kyle
Will a model receive pictures from the shoot for his portfolio?
Any images the model would like for his portfolio will be provided as high-quality digital pictures on a CD.
What if I'm not comfortable with nudity? Will you shoot me clothed or in underwear?
Well...maybe. We are willing to help a model with their portfolio, but only if they're in the Phoenix area. We do not pay the model and do not charge for the test shots.
If you are interested and think you have the looks and personality for a Video Profile, please do not hesitate to fill out this FORM and send it in.  We look forward to working with you!